Wednesday, November 17, 2004


If you are a Conservative living in a Blue State, even if you're still in the closet, take heart.

Maybe you said to yourself, "Boy, I'll be glad when the election is over, and we can all get back to sanity." But as we now know, silly season is in overtime this election year. The return to sanity is not yet to be, particularly for some on the left.

Post election commentary has featured insults, not-so-veiled threats, sniggering bigotry, and some extraordinarily contorted accusations. Included in this avalanche of bile was the idea of secession, as expressed in the now well known United States of Canada/Jesusland map.

Now the term secession can't strictly applied here, because the states involved haven't claimed their independence, but have instead (ideologically) fled to the nearest nanny-state. A sort of post-election-depression mass-emigration-cum-secession but-not-really (which is peculiar for a reality-based community, come to think of it). If there were an English word to adequately describe this non-state of affairs, it might be something like, oh, maybe something like "emigression". How's that? The Great Reality-Based Emigression of 2004.

The upshot is that some of us, as we swam in our home-state sea of blue, were caught in the net of this sudden rearrangement of territory. So it is that this oasis came to be, to offer a safe haven and encouragement to Jesusland Expatriates.